HSC Workshop 2018

This event has now passed.  Read a report of the event here: HSC SIG_Report_2018

Workshop of the British Association for Applied Linguistics (BAAL)

Health & Science Communication Special Interest Group (HSC SIG)

“Mixing it up: Multi-methods, media and modalities”


 Wednesday 21st November 2018

Hosted by the School of Education, Communication & Society, King’s College London


With the recent surge in use of technology and apps for personal health monitoring, researchers working on health and science communication have seized opportunities to explore new forms of digital and algorithmic data.  This is no surprise; communication scholars have always kept up with changes in the ways that public and professionals communicate, updating methods and designing projects to accommodate images, videos, online forums, social media and so on. Through these data, the study of health and science communication reaches so much further than the spoken or written language that we use.  While bringing together multiple methods or exploring multimodal data poses certain challenges, there is also strength in variety, offering insights that could not be found through explorations of text alone.

The aim of this workshop is to highlight the multiple and varied methods of research that are currently being used by researchers in health and science communication. There will be papers that analyse multimodal data, that adopt mixed methods approaches, that draw on several data sets or that are innovative in the methods they employ. We hope to bring together researchers from applied linguistics, medical sociology, media studies and social psychology with the intention of exploring how variety in methods can help shed new light on issues in health and science communication.

 Keynote Speakers

  • Dr Gabriella Rundblad, King’s College London
  • Professor Jeff Bezemer, UCL Institute of Education